Kuehne + Nagel has become one of the largest air freight forwarding specialists by offering a comprehensive range of international air cargo solutions and high levels of customer service. Whether it's speed, cost or customisation, we offer a full suite of air freight products designed to meet your logistics challenges in today's dynamic production and service environments. 

All Kuehne + Nagel air freight shipments are planned, controlled and measured according to Cargo iQ procedures, so your shipments are monitored door-to-door within our network, giving you the information you need, when you need it.

Our air freight forwarding services offer customers:

Fixed capacities with prime carriers

Being a global freight forwarding company, Kuehne + Nagel strategically work with preferred air carrier companies across the world. These partnerships are managed through our Preferred Carrier Program and allow us to have fixed capacities with prime carriers, to ensure that we can support our customers with their air freight requirements. We manage regular space allocations as well as blocked space agreements to give our customers maximum flexibility to move their products when needed, and at the right cost.

 Through these partnerships, our service portfolio delivers:

  • Expedited services
  • Direct services
  • Consolidation services
  • Deferred services
  • Alternative routings

 These solutions help customers manage any changes required in their supply chain.

Standardised IT and operational systems

Through Kuehne + Nagel’s IT and operational systems, your shipments are  monitored door-to-door within our network. Our KN Login system is available for our customers and gives you full visibility of your cargo, and you have all the information you need, whenever you want it.   

Cargo iQ standards applied to each shipment

Cargo iQ (formerly Cargo 2000) is an International Air Transport Association (IATA) interest group with the goal to implement and maintain a new quality management system with uniform standards for the worldwide air cargo industry. Kuehne + Nagel apply each of these standards to every air freight shipment which ensures consistency and best practice cargo handling for our customers. In fact, Kuehne + Nagel were the first Cargo iQ phase two globally certified member carrying certification status for all of its sites globally.

Benefits for customers using Kuehne + Nagel’s air freight services

Automated, all-inclusive quote within seconds

Kuehne + Nagel have developed KN FreightNet, which is your one-stop solution in managing your air freight cargo. Within 60 seconds, you can get an immediate binding and all-inclusive quote. You can also view transit times in seconds, making your experience with KN FreightNet as seamless as possible for your air freight cargo. For more information about KN FreightNet, click here.

Time-defined delivery promises with maximum shipment visibility

Through KN FreightNet, you are able to select the best product to suit your requirements for timing and costs. Customers can also enjoy full door-to-door shipment visibility for all their air freight cargo through the KN Login visibility and monitoring platform, our web-based information management system. KN Login allows customers to have access to all relevant shipment related documentation 24/7.

Global preferred carrier access

When using Kuehne + Nagel’s air freight services, you can rest assured that your goods will be transported on reputable airlines. Kuehne + Nagel globally have key selection criteria’s in deciding who our preferred airline carriers will be.

  • The airline carriers selected are carefully monitored on performance and must meet the KPIs of schedules, transit times, e-bookings and response times
  • Airline carriers selected meet Kuehne + Nagel’s safety checklist and are regularly screened to ensure they keep up with the requirements put forward by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).