Quality, Safety, Health & Environment overview

Our Global Quality Expert Team Aerospace (QETA) develops and carries out common quality standards, based on global expertise and existing concepts. It stands as an integrated management channel to assure steady optimization of the quality of our services. It is further committed to developing quality standards in accordance with the international requirements in the aerospace & defence industry.

Kuehne + Nagel is collaborating with the International Quality Group to establish dedicated quality management guidelines. All regions and local organizations are constantly trained to comply with the complexity of updated specifications in their implementation. In addition, we make sure to 

In order to share best practices and to join the international safety efforts, the following standards are adhered to the ISO 9001 requirements, completed with Aerospace & Defence specifics:

  • 9100 Quality Management Systems: Aviation, Space and Defence organizations 
  • 9120 Quality Management Systems: Aerospace, a reduced version adapted to pure logistics operations
  • 9101 Quality Management Systems: Aviation, Space and Defence organizations
  • 9104/1: Aviation, Space and Defence Quality Management System Certification programs