Inflight services

Created to add value to the airline industry and the supply chain of its in-flight equipment, SkylogistiX is an inflight services provider that implements 360° innovation. 

Collaborating with airlines, a solution is achieved through advanced technology, large network of suppliers, caterers and service providers, and a one-stop shop solution design. The service is highly-customized, adds extra value, integrates the best suited suppliers, caterers or solutions for any related processes, from food menus to in-flight equipment distribution. The service has a cloud-based IT platform to harmonize various steps in the supply chain and achieve transparency and control.

Supplying the best standards is crucial, while working towards sustainability and complying with industry regulations. 


  • Warehouse management
  • Material planning and forecasting
  • On board services
  • Caterer inventory management


  • Efficient distribution centres
  • Optimised purchasing and distribution plan to minimise stock-outs
  • Improve forecast, optimize galley plans; reduce waste, lower fuel burn
  • Reduce the overall equipment spending with state-of-the-art inventory management

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