Production logistics 

An efficient supply chain is based on a multitude of processes, of which production logistics is of large importance. Kuehne + Nagel provides world-class engineering solutions to maintain aircraft and aircraft parts production, and small or heavy and oversized components’ handling. We also offer expertise and long experience, capabilities which enable manufacturers to run a lean and effective production process. 

To achieve a more rational logistics and production space by improving stock density and line-side buffer stock, we offer a warehouse management system (WMS) which can be connected to customers’ ERP system. Furthermore, the WMS stands as a foundation of a performance management system with standard KPIs. Kuehne + Nagel can therefore combine this with our lean production system concept, and grant significant value-added services in terms of supply chain design and implementation for developing aircraft programs.


  • Supplier scheduling and integrated vendor community (VMI) solutions
  • Reusable packaging solutions
  • Inventory management and stock level optimization
  • Ordering and replenishment services
  • Customized kitting
  • Just-in-time and pull flow delivery to lineside
  • Pre-production services
  • Best-in-class WMS interfaced with ERP
  • Integrated performance management system with standard KPI’s


  • JIT deliveries that reduce inventory at line level and lower costs
  • Use of Lean Management concepts
  • Minimization of handover points and interfaces through full service offer
  • Optimisation of parts flows from inbound to production per part type