Kuehne + Nagel Malaysia has the resources and expertise to provide a highly competitive edge in automotive logistics. From our long experience in the sector, we can offer solutions designed specifically for the automotive industry. Our global logistics network, state-of-the-art information technology and highly-qualified experts, all contribute to Kuehne + Nagel’s innovative thinking, and to a record of highly successful implementations.

Kuehne + Nagel can support you with the entire product life cycle of a vehicle through the below solutions:

Lithium Battery Transportation

KN BatteryChain

KN BatteryChain is an end-to-end solution to master the challenges created by the significant increase in the global demand for lithium batteries for electric vehicles. The transport and storage of cells and batteries is very cumbersome due to the hazardous nature of the material. With KN BatteryChain individual shipping and warehousing needs are covered throughout the entire lithium battery life cycle. Find out more

Inbound Logistics

Kuehne + Nagel's inbound logistics services supply domestic and international car production sites with all material necessary for efficient manufacturing. These include the consolidation of products from multiple suppliers, and flexible management of incoming goods to ensure that lead times are met. We also offer customs clearance and transportation services to the warehouse / manufacturing site.

Production Logistics

Our range of services includes:

  • Warehousing / Sub-assembly
  • Kitting
  • Pre-assembly of components
  • Various forms of production line feeding such as
    • Just-In-Time (JIT) deliveries
    • Just-In Sequence (JIS) services
    • Removal and processing of empty load units.


Outbound Logistics

Outbound Logistics services include the multi-modal distribution of goods for suppliers, production plants or distributors

After-Sales Services

In after-sales services / spare parts services, we operate complex distribution networks and warehouses using fully automated warehouse equipment and providing value added services to ensure that dealers receive the support necessary to keep customers satisfied.

Packaging Services

  • Wood packaging
  • Industrialised packaging
  • Returnable packaging solution
  • Temperature controlled and specialised packaging customised to meet our client’s requirements.

The need for the right packaging design and concept is important for the automotive industry especially given the  complexity, lean production processes  and  globalised supply chains. We also provide two specialised packaging concepts for the automotive industry:

Corrosion intercept services (sub-point to packaging)
One of our unique value-added services for the automotive industry is its corrosion intercept service, which is a substitute for oil, wax or polish. We are the only logistics provider with the rights to use this effective anti-corrosion material in the packing process.  This is just one of many services available from our packaging solution centre.

Completely / semi-knocked down services (sub-point to packaging)
We offer the entire spectrum of logistics services for preparing, transporting and importing vehicles which are packaged as completely knocked down (CKD) or semi-knocked down (SKD).

Tyre Logistics

We provide a set of specialised logistics services for plant logistics warehouses and tyre distribution centres, allowing tyre manufacturers to focus on production while receiving reliable international logistics support from a world class provider.

Reverse Logistics

Kuehne + Nagel provides complete, multi-modal transport services, leveraging our capabilities as the world’s leading seafreight forwarder and top-class airfreight solutions provider.

Our value proposition

  • Operational excellence and collaborative, lean processes that create measurable economies of scale
  • Optimised inventory levels, increased stock turns and shorter lead times with our material management solution (MMS)
  • Reduced transport, warehousing, management and supplier-related costs
  • Greater visibility, transparency and responsiveness, enabling you to anticipate and react to supply chain volatility
  • Key account management structure
  • Improved process efficiency, higher levels of service quality, best-practice sharing and continuous improvement initiatives