Manage shipments easily online, cut down on emails and waiting time.

April 2020

Managing shipments requiring ocean transportation can be a challenging process.

Throughout the shipment lifecycle of any single shipment, people that manage shipments exchange dozens of e-mails and spend many hours waiting on feedback, confirmation, and approvals. One of the main root causes of this excessive amount of e-mail exchange is a lack of vertical integration and/or lack of visibility on the status of a shipment.

We understand you are busy and need information at your fingertips. We developed eShipAsia to help you manage shipments more efficiently while reducing unnecessary waiting time.


1.     Receive instant quotes

On eShipAsia, you simply select the origin, destination and the amount of containers you would like to ship.

Our platform will immediately show the available carrier options, ocean freight rates and vessel departure and arrival dates, allowing you to instantly perform ocean freight rates and schedule comparisons across various shipping lines in real time.

Upon expiration of your negotiated ad hoc rates, eShipAsia can support you to automatically get a new rate on the same port pair so you don’t have to worry about having suitable rates if you manage shipments with similar characteristics in the future.

Depending on your preferences, the platform will either quote freight rates based on the lowest price, fastest available transit time or best value.

You will completely eliminate your time spend on the administration of obtaining freight rates, so you can focus on the things that matter most when you manage shipments.

2.     Save workload

On, we have kept our online booking form at an absolute minimum so you can submit a booking in less than a minute. You can also save shipments as templates for future use to avoid data replication and process your bookings even faster!

3.     Avoid disputes

The shipping industry struggles with notoriously poor invoicing accuracy. Auditing invoices and handling disputes can take a lot of time and may result in erosion of your profit margins.

On, your online bookings are directly linked to your quotation. Invoices are raised directly from the system without human intervention so you can rest assured that you always receive an invoice in line with the agreed quotation. Disputes will simply be a thing of the past.

4.     Get your booking confirmation faster

Powered by the biggest NVOCC in the world, our system interfaces with all main carriers. The moment you submit your online bookings, all information is processed automatically in our back-end and submitted directly to the shipping company without delays!

This means you get your booking confirmation a lot faster which will improve your service levels to both customers and internal stakeholders.

5.     Track the status of your shipment online anywhere, anytime

Shipment information is directly available through our online track and trace – anytime and anywhere.

Conveniently track your shipments, view their details and stay updated from pick-up to delivery. Depending on your preference, you can easily set up push notifications or share your shipment information with customers or colleagues via e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat and many other channels. Now this is convenience!


Give us a try. Sign up on eShipAsia now.

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